Services Offered


Mindful Meditation for Children

25 minutes • $5 per student

Children today have so many stressors and simple techniques like mindful meditation is proven to help children cope and deal with the new demands of childhood and how to control emotions

What are Chakras? Class (group or individual

30 minutes • $15

A class designed to introduce you to new terminlogy and what Chakras are and what Chakra healing is . Even if you know nothong about it, you will learn the basics and a short meditation for each Chakra.

Group Caregiver self care class

30 minutes • $10pp

A class designed for caregivers to learn the basics of Reiki and Meditation and self care

Individual Classes for Caregivers (Self Care)

30 minutes • $20

A meditation amd instruction class for self care for caregivers using the basics of meditation and Reiki

Reiki for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias

45 minutes • Donation based to the Alzhimers assoc

A Reiki session for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and or related Dementias . Diane is a certified Dementia Practitioner and an Alzheimers’s and Dementia Specialist

Learn to meditate

30 minutes • $20

A private class for you to teach you how to meditate and learn simple techniques for self care , deep effective breathing to reduce stress and promote wellness

Chakra introduction class and meditation

30 minutes • Group classes available or private class

A 30 minute introduction to your Chakras and meditation

Individual Reiki Session

25-45 minutes • $25

A personalized Reiki session for the individual Reiki session includes : a starting meditation followed by a full Reiki Session. Wear comfortable clothing and no jewelry.It can never cause harm and w… See More

Animal Rescue and Shelter Animal Reiki Class

25 minutes • Donation based to local rescues/shelters

A unique session for staff and volunteers on working with animals using Reiki for decompressin and behavioral issues. It can never cause harm and works for the highest good for yourself and others.

Reiki group classes

3 hours  • $75 Reiki Level 1 certification Class

A group session on Reiki

Introduction to Reiki 1

3 hours • $100

Basic understandinf of Reiki

and level 1 practice, history, and attunement

Beginners Meditation

30 minutes • Sliding scale open $5-$20

Introduction to basic meditation group and individual sessions available

Animal Reiki Classes/Certification

2 hours plus in home assignments $100 Animal Reiki Attunement and Certification

Animal Reiki sessions, used to promote compassion and wellness with your animal available to include shelters and rescues All animals ! It can never cause harm and works for the highest good for your… See More

Reiki and meditation classes

30 minutes • Sliding scale

Individual and or group classes for businesses and organizations