Roo Magoo Donahue

Roo Donahue left this earth this evening after a brief battle with a brain tumor.

Roo aka Roo Roo, P Bob , BUB, Mr.P, Peanut , baby Roo, Ricky Bobby, Rooskie, Mr. Magoo, was born August 2, 2006.

Roo was employed by Dellridge Health and Rehab Center where he worked from 2006 until 2011 as Head Therapy Dog.

Roo gave comfort and joy to hospice patients , Alzheimer’s and related dementia patients and frail elderly.

Roo did have a favorite patient LH.

Roo’s hobbies when he wasn’t working were playing ball and going to the park. Roo’s favorite food was chicken, in which we Affectionately called him “Chicken Man”.

There is no dog living or dead who played fetch like Roo.

Tiny in stature being a rat terrier , his build was incredibly athletic .

His ball career was cut short do to IVDD. (Disc disease ).

After retiring from nursing home life , Roo wanted a part time job and was employed as official office dog at Berard & Donahue until he retired last spring. Roo always knew when it was 5pm, he’d get up from his bed by the desk and look at you until you said “ok buddy time to go home .”

Roo in his retirement enjoyed his pack of fellow dogs and cats and he also allowed many foster dogs to come and enjoy his home with him while they waited for their forever home.

Roo embodied everything a dog should be and more then most people could ever be.

As he began to age his vision became impaired and walks became difficult for him.

He enjoyed his human brothers Declan And Harry and spent many summers poolside .

Although Roo was not a swimmer he did enjoy taking trips to Montauk, and visiting his grandparents in Long Island.

Roo despised bath time. He never did welcome a bath.

In Roo’s younger days he enjoyed a nice warm sweater and coat in colder weather.

Roo slept every night in bed with us often between Daddy’s legs.

Roo loved heated blankets and laying in the sun. Roo would stay in bed as long as you let him! He was not an early riser.

Perhaps Roo’s most loved his humans. His daddy was the apple of his eye. He waited everyday for daddy to come home and waited every night for daddy to carry him to bed.

Roo could smell anything 10 miles away. He knew when Daddy pulled onto the Street.

Roo never bit anyone in his life. A gentle soul but with a punk side, he’d let you know if anyone was at the door or approaching, except that one time a bear was in the backyard during the day, Roo was fast asleep.

Roo’s family is devastated of course but would ask anyone who would like to do something in his honor , to be encouraged to foster a dog in need to honor Roo’s life.

If you cannot foster , perhaps bring his favorite toy ( cuz) ball to your local shelter dogs.

Roo was very lucky to live a wonderful life. Despite many medical issues he always remained positive and went with the flow. He enjoyed doggie reiki too!

Roo taught us about the life of puppy mill dogs, and how important it was to end puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Because of Roo, we have rescued 3 more and volunteer for rescue organizations , fostering and driving and running applications . If it wasn’t for Roo, I personally would never be the rescue dog advocate I am today.

Roo would want other dogs to be as lucky as he was. He was a big supporter of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Grateful Doggies Rescue.

Roo is blessed to have touched so many people’s lives.

I told Roo when he got sick I’d be there to the very end. I was. To his last breath.

Roo, I will always love you❤️🐶❤️


a very special thank you to Catskill Veterinary for making this as painless as possible and Roo remained in our home and Dr. Kait came to us. Bless you all🙏❤️🐶