About Diane

Passionate about learning more…

I began my journey working for the New York State Office of Parks and Recreation. Loving nature, and being surrounded by it brought a great desire to be one with nature.

I also had a great love and compassion for animals and elders igniting a fire in me to work with those most challenged by Alzheimer’s Disease and related Dementias. I obtained Board Certification as an Activity Director in Long Term Care and many other specialized credentials such as a Dementia Practitioner and Specialist. It is there I first took a continuing education class for my recertification on Reiki and Aromatherapy. I also brought my dog to work with me as a therapy dog.

My journey led me to working with clients in long term care for over 15 years!

I was a volunteer with the Artists for Alzheimer’s group, The Alzheimer’s Association, Meals on Wheels, and many more.

I then began my animal rescue and shelter volunteering after adopting a Pit mix from Hi Tor Animal Care Center.

Working with animals proved to be my true passion, and I became and Executive Director at a top NYS Rescue, and Vice President of PJ Humane Society Board of Directors before leaving to start this new chapter!

I’m a proud foster mom for many rescues, and watching my fosters thrive and get adopted is so rewarding.

I started a pet food pantry, and volunteer at my local Empowerment Center.

On that note, between my love of music, art , animals and helping people my journey began. Discovering who and what I wanted to be and contribute to this world.

In November of 2016, my world came crashing down as my brother died tragically and I had to build the strength and character to keep going on.  Through many nights of anguish and research on grief, I knew I had to help not just animals but people too!

Reiki Certification has been a blessing for me. I am not looking to make money, but donate as much of my services as I can while being able to support the business to remain open and for everyone.

Reiki is not religious based, but a tool I use to help people and animals feel better both emotionally and physically. Thank you for joining my journey!