The Magic of Therapeutic Riding and Animal Reiki and Meditation by Diane Donahue ADC/EDU RMT

A beautiful autumn morning led to a greater understanding of people and horses.

Diane in Gassho Meditation

What I learned …

Everyone who came out today to GAIT (accredited therapy riding center ) for volunteer training learned a lesson in humanity , kindness, and letting those experience their own journey .

Young and old alike gathered to learn the importance of the program which is accredited by Path International who has certified over 4800 instructors. The PATH Intl. mission is to promote safety and optimal outcomes in equine-assisted activities and therapies for individuals with special needs. As a reiki professional who specializes in animal reiki, and a recreation therapist, it was a natural fit for me. Along with an extensive background in riding and working with special needs populations, GAIT offers those an opportunity to do something bigger than themselves. GAIT is always looking for interested and dedicated volunteers. The horses teach us patience and a bonding experience you will never forget. The friendships with the other volunteers in the barn and the clients they serve is incomparable to any venue I’ve volunteered at.

If you would like more information on GAIT please visit them at GAIT

Sometimes our greatest teachers are the animals around us. These specialized horses understand the nature of the special needs and I believe have been called to serve just as we are called to serve.

Be in awe of the magic of sitting in meditation next to a horse. One does not need to touch a horse to benefit from this! You can reach Diane at the Two Rivers Reiki & Mindful Meditation for more information on Animal Reiki and Meditation !

Always be in awe!

1 thought on “The Magic of Therapeutic Riding and Animal Reiki and Meditation by Diane Donahue ADC/EDU RMT”

  1. We are so glad you enjoy your time at GAIT, Diane! We agree that our horses have an amazing ability to speak to our soul and offer us healing of mind, body and spirit! Thank you for your kind words and keen observations! Hope to see you again soon!


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